sestdiena, 2015. gada 28. februāris

Februāris - mīlestības mēnesis - 27

This is a series of the famous "Victoria Reggia" the biggest Nymphaea in the world (apart from the Botanical Gardens in Rio de Janeiro (which entrance was in my previous picture - you can only find it in the Amazones) ... its most " peculiar" for it is white ... however if you get during the day somehow it turns into this pink colour - alias I did not know that ... I ran a lot and got this just before it was "closing" for the day; I cannot describe to you its beauty for its a huge lake with ...
Vēl nav dzimis
zemes virsū cilvēks,
kas nedos visu savu
mūža laimi
par dzīves pavasara skaisto puķi -
(A. Skujiņa)

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